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Investing in Real Estate

Many Canadians no longer consider real estate as only something they can just live in. 

Real estate investment can be an ideal way to park your capital, and watch your investment grow. It’s also a fantastic way to create an income-generating source. 


Ontario real estate conditions can vary, depending on the city or town you’re considering. People’s professional and personal lives have changed given the world we’re now living in. This provides new opportunities for a real estate investor. Markets once considered less desirable for investment have now become great opportunities for investing. The key to success for real estate investing is choosing the right strategy, not overextending yourself financially and having a qualified, trustworthy and dedicated professional looking out for your best interest. This is where I come in.


Anybody can be a real estate investor. If you do it right, you have an opportunity for a big payoff. However, one of the key things to “doing it right”, is having an experienced and dedicated real estate professional like myself, right by your side along the journey. I would be able to provide you with the necessary expertise, resources and access to networks that will align with your investment goals. Together we can develop an effective strategy to ensure you find success in your real estate investment plan.


Here are examples of investment opportunities we can explore and pursue together:

Joint investing_Fractional investing_real estate investing_Oakville_Burlington_Mississauga_Lorne Park_Toronto_Real estate invest

Joint / Fractional Investment

If you want to take advantage of current market conditions, but don’t have the capital to make an investment on your own, consider finding a partner and pool your resources. Fractional ownership in real estate has become an attractive option to investors.  Through resources in this space and access to networks, not only can I find you the right property, I can also help source the right partner or entity to work with.

House flip_real estate investment_agent_Paul Dillon_Realtor_Agent_Lorne Park_Oakville_Mississauga_Burlington_Toronto

House Flipping

If done correctly, flipping houses can be an exciting and solid investment. To flip a home, you need to find the right one and see the potential of what it could be. But, don't let those house-flipping TV shows fool you into thinking it's easy. Unless you are a seasoned property investor, you will need sound advice and expertise. You need to have a knowledgeable and reliable real estate partner. Through my access to various networks and resources, I can help you find these properties to flip and reap the financial benefits for all of your hard work. (I can even assist you in finding the right tenants).

Income properties_residential_rentals_leasing_For rent_For Lease_Lorne Park_Toronto_Oakville_Burlington_Mississauga_Toronto_real estate invest

Lease / Rental Properties

Investors in the Ontario rental market have seen their property values increase over the years,  while leasing to renters in order to have the property pay for itself and earning additional income. Makes sense when the latest stats show over 30% of Ontario homeowners rent out their homes. I can assist in finding properties in desirable areas where demand for rental units is high and consistent. I have the necessary resources, networks and expertise to ensure you choose the right property and tenants to cover your costs and achieve your investment return goals. 

land investment_land development_agent_Property Invest_realtor_Lorne Park_Mississauga_Toronto_Oakville_Burlington_Brokeragejpg

Land Investment / Development

When it comes to investing money, land has always been a valuable commodity to consider. Some investors purchase a vacant lot for immediate development. Others buy lots with the intention of letting the value grow over time for future sale or development. I have access to resources and networks that will identify available land for purchase suiting your investment goals.  I can provide you with the necessary expertise and resources to guide and advise you on choosing the right parcel(s) and maximizing return on your land investment.

income generating properties_Tenanted properties_to invest_real estate invest_toronto_burlington_oakville_Mississauga_lorne Park_realtor_brokerage

Income Generating Properties

Pursuing this investment route offers security of real property with many investment diversification benefits. Whether it's a fully tenanted office building, a shopping mall requiring some work or niche industrial business, these can be purchased to earn income with a secondary goal of price appreciation. Income properties require a great deal of analysis, research and due-diligence.  All areas I can help you with to ensure risk is mitigated and investment goals in this space are realized.

real-estate-investment-Investing In Real Estate_Realtor_Real Estate Agent_Lorne Park_Mississauga_Burlington_Oakville_Toronto_Properties_RE Investments_Investing

Investing in
Real Estate

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